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King Alfonso Argon I 'The Grand Unifier'
Alfonso Argon
Vital statistics
Title King of Agatha (formerly)
Gender Male
Race Agathian
Faction Agatha Knights
Health N/A
Level N/A
Status Deceased
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The late King of Agatha, and uncle to Danum Argon. 

Alfonso Argon was the King of Agatha until 1266. Under his reign, the continent of Agatha was united under the blue and gold, with various feudal fiefdoms and barbarian tribes being conquered and assimilated into the Kingdom. Around the time of 1266, after uniting the continent, King Argon turned his eyes to the foreign land and ancient enemy of Agatha, Tenosia. Shortly after his quest to unite Agatha, he declared a crusade against the Tenosians and embarked with most of his army to the Tenosian mainland, cutting swathes through their territory. However, the deeper they went, the hotter it got, and many of the ill-prepared Agathians died of exhaustion or dehydration due to the scorching desert sun. By the time they laid siege to the capital, Jaburdan, the army was substantially weaker than it was at the beginning of the war. King Argon was killed in battle in late 1266, and command of the Agathian Army fell to Sir Finnian Guld, the Knight Commander. Finnian Guld would lead the Agatha Knights in a search that lasted several months to find the rightful heir to the Throne of Agatha, Danum Argon, the nephew of the now late King Alfonso Argon. 

As a result of Alfonso's brashness and bold attempts at conquest, his top General, Malric Terrowin, assembled a small, elite subgroup of Agathian soldiers known as the Mason Order and left Tenosia early. After the attempt at conquering Tenosia, the main force of Agathians returned home to find it had been taken over by the Masons, thus igniting the Agathian Civil War. 

King Alfonso Argon is a generally disliked figure, with the peasant's dislike of him shown by their uprising. His nephew, Danum Argon, was the one who fixed all the issues Alfonso had created, and it is usually accepted that he bore most of the responsibility for the discontent that led to the war. Alfonso Argon was also good friends with Agatha's greatest warrior, Feydrid Kearn, who was ordered to remain home for the crusade to act as a Stewart. It is speculated that Alfonso ordered Feydrid, his best soldier, to stay due to jealousy of his fighting prowess , but this can never truly be known with his death.