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■■■■■■■■■□ 87%

Weapon Type

Pole Arms

 " The Bardiche is a long polearm with powerful slashing and overhead attacks. The Bardiche has great reach but slow strikes, leaving the wielder at a disadvantage should the enemy get too close."

This weapon's high damage and long reach makes an overhead strike that can often kill lightly armored foes instantly, making it a significantly easier-to-land alternative to the fairly hard-to-land sprint attack. Because the weapon's speed is so low, sprint attacks have to be perfectly timed well in advanced and are ill-advised until the user becomes familiar with its long buildup.

This weapon deals swing-blunt damage with a piercing stab.

While every long weapon's effectiveness diminshes as the enemy gets closer, this is especially true with the Bardiche, thanks to the weapon's slow attack speed. Thus, picking a secondary weapon you're comfortable with and switching to it in response to short-range threats is a must, unless they keep their distance.

The use of the Bardiche is sometimes frowned upon by the community, as it often indicates a newer player (being a starting weapon) who is using a weapon that can easily teamkill due to the high damage, long range, and naturally horizontal-heavy playstyle. This should not discourage players from using it, as it can be used effectively if one stays mindful of their teammates and favors the overhead slash over the horizontal to avoid any accidents.

It is the third longest weapon in the game, beaten by the Thrusting Spear and Brandistock.