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Built by the Agathian commander of the same name during King Argon’s rule and fall, the long standing bulwark of Baudwyn separates the lands of Agatha in the north and Tenosia in the south. Currently occupied by the Mason Order, no army has ever attempted to break through… until now.

Bringing with them firepower unheard of, the Tenosians were able to breach the town’s gate and markets, before blasting through the bulwark with bombastic bombards, a demonstration of their engineering prowess.

Breach of Baudwyn[]

The Tenosian started their attack from the southern desert, attacking the outer wall protecting a town in front of the Bulwark. They were able to push multiple large siege ramps towards the first wall, before using their ladders and the siege ramps to reach the top of the wall and destroy the Mason siege weapons atop them.

The attackers then attacked the settlement itself, taking control of the market. Mason and Tenosia soldiers fought a multi-story battle in this area, climbing up ladders to run around on top of buildings and across various fabric awnings to jump on or sneak up on unsuspecting foes below.

The Mason’s then hunkered down inside their town hall in a last attempt to keep the Tenosian’s away from the bulwark itself, though this failed as the Tenosia attackers pushed into the building and killed the defenders before capturing it.

Finally, the Tenosian's rolled their gunpower bombards into position in front of the massive Bulwark and prepared to blast it down. The Mason’s attempted to thwart them with a counter attack, with the wide open area making cavalry attacks very effective, allowing Mason cavalry to gain maximum speed and do maximum damage to Tenosian’s whilst they were loading their bombards. However the Mason's failed to stop the bombard crews, who turned the Baudwyn Bulwark to rubble one cannonball at a time. With the Bulwark breached, the Tenosian march to liberate their lands and reap bloody vengeance against the northerners has begun...