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Historical Accounts of the Chivalry 2 Discord

Day -2 of the 2nd Age, The Story of The Knight of No Helm.

King Argon ll - "The Knight of No Helm known formerly as Blackadder, found himself upon the outskirts of the great city of Coxwell. The Mason commander before him gave the order to charge on the poor Agathian peasants. One unknown Agathian peasant that day would lay the groundwork for the comeback that would occur in the streets of Coxwell that day. This one lone peasant single handedly took on 5 Masons with nothing but a shovel.... Blackadder awoke somehow being spared by the peasant, found himself naked left lying in the battlefield, farmhouses burning all around him. Desperately searching for gear, he found an old Agathian training dummy wearing an incomplete set of plate armor. For the armor sets helm was missing. The Knight of No Helm charged back into battle against the noble Agatha Knights without a headpiece. Later in the battle, he saw a naked Agatha Knight fighting off 4 masons with nothing but a helm, a helm which matched his current attire. These 2 warriors were destined to meet on the battlefield. The outcome of the battle is unknown, but to this day, The Knight of No Helm still lacks a helm."

Day -2 of the 2nd Age, Bulls

Sir Ulrich - "Young Agathians new to the battlefield have been deemed the moniker Bulls, as they see red no matter if it be blood or enemy garmets, they shall swing their weapon at it."

Day -2 of the 2nd Age, Flesh Wound

Sir MrBaggins - "It really was just a flesh wound." Lost his arm in the heat of battle and was thrown a bandage by a fellow mason which ceased the bleeding. MrBaggins continued to defend the siege tower for some time, literally Single Handedly before succumbing to his wounds.

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