This is an overview of the classes in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. For more detailed information about each class, visit its page.

Archer Edit

The Archer is a class that excels in ranged combat, using a variety of bows, crossbows, and javelins. But is not very good at close quarters, relying on parries and swift strikes. They are good at taking down anyone, due to their high piercing damage, but when their enemies close the distance of the archer, the favor swings against them. Archers are only designed for sneak attacks, not frontline combat.




The Man-at-Arms is the lightest melee class, who excels at speedy combat, getting in quick strikes and relying on their dodge ability to get out of harm's way fast. They are also good at attacking archers, due to their fast move speed, dodging capabilities and shields, but have to be careful when attacking knights or vanguards, because two well-placed strikes can easily take them out. They also have the added ability of throwing oil pots, which will burst into flames where ever they land, useful against shield users and groups of enemies. They wear leather armor as light armor.




The Vanguard is a class that has average armor and speed who relies on his expansive range in melee combat, acting with reckless abandonment. the vanguard uses two-handed weapons for longer reach and smashing power. the vanguard is able to slaughter any lighter classes except for knights, because of their heavy armor. it requires two-handed blunt weapons and hard-hitting strength to break through their armor and slaughter them more quickly than normal. They wear chainlink as medium armor.




The Knight is the heavily-armoured powerhouse of the classes, being able to take more damage than any other class while dealing significant damage. He is vulnerable to a Man-at-Arm's speed, and Vanguards' range, requiring some practice to get used to. The knight is unique in that he can equip a two-handed weapon in one hand and use a shield in the other. They wear plate armor as heavy armor.