Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Wiki
Weapons crossbow

Range: Moderate to Long

Power: Very High (x1.75 headshot multipler)

Rate of Fire: Slow

The Crossbow is the powerhouse of the ranged weapon selection, it delivers unrivaled one-shot power that is counteracted by the long reload time. With this weapon every shot to the chest or head is a reliable kill.  Compared to other ranged weapons, crossbows have the smallest arc and fastest travel time. ArrowCam DOES work with the crossbow, although the aformentioned short travel time makes it less useful than its arrow counterparts.

Unlike arrows, all crossbows have only one type of bolt, though a quite powerful one.

A close quarters technique that is high-risk, high-reward is to bait an enemy until the enemy prepares an attack, and shoot with while their weapon is raised, often having them fall down right in front of you.


The defining feature of the crossbow is it's lengthy reload. As you press R to begin the reload, your camera angle pans straight to the ground - The character must anchor the crossbow with his foot, pull back the bow, and insert the bolt.

DO NOT switch weapons untill the bolt is firmly inserted and the crossbow is raised. If you switch prematurely, you will be left with an empty crossbow.

Pavise Shield:

As a crossbowman you're automatically equipped with a Pavise Shield on your back; which can be used as cover while reloading. If you need to reload while in combat with an enemy archer, put your back to the enemy and crouch. The Pavise will cover your character while you finish the crossbow's lengthy reload. While on your back, it will protect you from enemy projectiles, but not enemy melee attacks.

You may also press 3 to place the Pavise Shield on the ground, making useful cover, or an effective barricade for doorways.

You may not use the Pavise like a conventional shield.