Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Wiki

"The Dane Axe is a one-handed weapon with considerable reach, also it is reasonably damaging but somewhat slow to strike."[1][1]

It is the third unlockable axe primary weapon for the Man-at-Arms and the third unlockable axe secondary weapon for the Vanguard. Like other axes, it deals swing-blunt damage in its horizontal and overhead attacks.

The Dane Axe is somewhat harder to use than many other weapons of the arsenal due to its comparatively slow attack speed and mediocre damage. This has caused the weapon to become somewhat misunderstood. While the other axes are strongly offensive in nature, the axe is a relatively defensive weapon for a 1 handed weapon; relying on parries or blocks to create openings which would then allow for the weapon's high reach to insure a hit and the weapon's good damage to make the defense worth it.  Its long range can be also used against persistent shield users, as it greatly increases the chance of attacking around enemy shields. Using slash combos will allow you to do this fairly often, especially when combined with strafing.

Since there is no edge on the top of the blade, its stab does weak blunt damage. However, given the weapon's long reach it can be used to finish off weak enemies or catch an opponent off guard. 


Shaft lengths of about 1 metre - 1, 2 metres were typical, but variants of up to a man's height are known. The blade of a Dane Axe was generally designed to be able to pull back an enemy's shield with its edge.