Nephew of former King Alfonso Argon.

Danum's mother was Elisabeth Argon, sister to King Alfonso Argon, who died in childbirth on February 3rd, 1247. Danum had always held a hidden resentment for his uncle, mainly due to Alfonso's warmongering. Never the less, he followed his king almost everywhere, showing his loyalty even if he disagreed with Alfonso's goals. He began training as a Knight of Agatha in early 1257, being taught by Sir Finnian Guld. He and Finnian would become great friends over the course of his training, which would benefit the Agatha Knight later during the war with the Mason Order. Danum Argon's relationship with Feydrid Kearn, the Stewart of Agatha, is shaky at best, with Feydrid being a close friend of Alfonso Argon. However, this did not stop Feydrid from declaring loyalty to Danum after Alfonso's death, showing that the Stewart would follow an Argon till death.

House Argon's colors are Blue and Gold, their symbol is a Golden Lion, their words are "Fight for Honor, Live with Honor, Die with Honor".