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"The Falchion is a single-edged curved sword that has considerable power and speed but limited reach. An absolute powerhouse, it gives up range and some attack speed for more weight which allows this curved single-edged blade to chop through almost any bone in the body with ease."

It's the third primary sword available for the Man-at-Arms, and the second secondary sword for the Knight.

It's unique in that it does swing/blunt damage[1] while no other 1handed sword can (excluding the Messer). This makes it deadlier against knights than other swords, and plays similarly to an axe due to its high damage/short reach/weak stab nature. As such, it's recommended that (like axes) horizontal combos and overhead swings should almost exclusively be your means of attack.

The Falchion's short reach makes this weapon play differently between each of its classes due to the differences in mobility. MAA would want to close the gap with their high speed (preferably with a simultaneous overhead swing/dash forward), and go beserker-style with combos/overheads until their foe gives into the pressure. In contrast, Knights would best benefit from a shield and play defensively, letting their foe close most of the distance and then getting a damaging chop after a successful block. 

Comparable in performance to the War Axe, it possesses the strongest slashing attacks of any of the one handed swords but only moderate thrusting power. Lighter classes will be killed in a maximum of two overhead swings from the Falchion (provided they are not given opportunity to heal), making the Falchion a great secondary weapon to fight the nimbler MAA and Archer.

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