First Advisor to, and long time friend of former King Alfonso Argon.

Touted as the greatest knight in the Agathian Army (and thus the known world), Feydrid Kearn is a man who comes from a long line of mighty warriors. His skill on the battlefield has earned him an immaculate reputation. After the Mason Order uprising, Feydrid took up the title of Stewart, and vowed to clear the land of Agatha of all followers of the Mason Order. His cause centers on ensuring the late King Alfonso Argon's work was not for nothing and that the lands of Agatha remain united. His new duty as Stewart to the late King Alfonso Argon is to find the next rightful successor to the throne. He has recently voiced support for the Nephew of Alfonso, Danum Argon, claiming that he is the rightful heir to the throne. Some are skeptical as to why he would support another's claim to the throne when he could easy take the title for himself, but his words and actions show that he has more loyalty to the Argon Family than to power. This is likely due to his friendship with Alfonso Argon before his death.

The Kearn Family have always been held in high regard within Agatha. The chosen residence of their bloodline has been Castle Kearn in The Coldfront for over one-thousand years. House Kearn's colors are Blue with checkerd white, their symbol is a white lion.

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