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Mason Knight fists.

Fists are available to all classes. The Fists do blunt damage,  However, you cannot guard anything other than fists, making interrupting your foe vital for success. Therefore, to be successful with fists you must be incredibly skilled in attack interruption and maintaining distance from enemy attacks. It is recommended to use either men-at-arms for his dodge ability or knight for his health boost when using fists. Also Vanguard can use his Charge ability with fist.

Fists won't hit any solid objects while in a narrow space and so the Fists can be a fun alternative if you know when to dodge an attacks of other enemies that use weapons rather than the Fists. If your man at arms footwork is good enough, the fists become a very valid weapon, as there are certain time spaces between weapon attacks where your opponent cannot block the your quick fist attacks, as he hasn't stopped swinging yet. Fighting weapon users with your fists is a great way to combat feinting, as dodging away gives you time to regenerate used stamina while also preparing your safety for the chance of it being a real attack. The most dangerous part of using fists is the fact that archers can put up a lot larger of a fight, due to the fact that it takes longer to reach them, and most archers use the dagger, which is a particularly fast weapon.


Chivalry Medieval Warfare Way of The Fists

Way of The Fist Guide

In the community it is frowned upon to use weaponry against someone who challenges you with fists as this is considered bad sportsmanship, and because it is considered extremely dishonorable. (Or because a trained fighter can easily dominate others.)


  • This is available to all classes.
  • Vanguards can still use their Charge attack while using fists.
  • If your death blow on a foe is a headshot with your fist, their head will explode as with traditional blunt weapons.
  • It first became optional on the Chivalry Kickstarter, as a reward for having raised $70,000.
  • On the map Tavern, only fists can be used.