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Flanged Mace

■■■■■□□□□□ 50%


■■■■■■■■□□ 82%


■■□□□□□□□□ 22%

Weapon Type


"The Flanged Mace is a deadly weapon that is best when used to overwhelm opponents with repeated strikes. It deals more damage than the broadsword and is slightly faster, though it’s reach is considerably shorter."[1]

This weapon is the starter Blunt Primary for the Men-At-Arms, and the starting Blunt Secondary for the Knight

The Flanged Mace (also known simply as the "Mace")  is among the powerful 1-handed blunt weapons in the game in terms of damage, with its only drawback being its reach. It's a fairly easy weapon to use and is strongly recommended as a secondary for most situations, although it may be hard for beginners to gauge how short the weapon really is early on. Since this weapon deals blunt damage, it's ideal for taking down enemy Knights and, to a lesser degree, Vanguards. As such, it nicely complements almost every swing-based weapon in the game who would be victim to the armored classes resistances..

It's commonly stated that this is a "Berserker" weapon, and should often be used as such through repetitive combos and overhead swings at very close range. The Overhead swing in particular is quite powerful, as the weapon's good speed shortens the windup and gets the best out of the weapon's naturally high damage. This weapon is also a great weapon to combo with, though only in 1v1. In group scenarios (as with other 1handed weapons), it's recommended to retreat and pick off foes individually due to the weapon's poor reach. 

The Mace's stab is fairly weak since it lacks an edge, and isn't recommended unless finishing an almost-dead foe.

Overall the Flanged Mace is a great introduction into the Blunt weapon class, arguably only beaten by the Knight's exclusive Warhammer. It's a fearful weapon that is dependable in most situations -assuming you can learn the limits of the weapons's reach.


In spite of commonly being held as a "blunt" weapon,the Flanged Mace has an armor piercing tip. So it can be classified as a blunt/stabbing weapon.

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