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■■■□□□□□□□ 34%


■■■■■■□□□□ 60%



Weapon Type

Pole Arm

The Fork is a shorter spear weapon with two long tines. It’s reduced reach makes it faster to strike.

The Fork's fast attack speed makes its much easier to attack through a steady defense, particularly with the hard-to-anticipate quick stab.

Like the other spear weapons, the Fork does not have a overhead strike. Instead, it has a very powerful high-range thrust which can kill most enemies in two blows. It still maintains its primary thrust, which is a much quicker variant and should be used as the weapon's primary means of attack.

It should be noted that while most lengthy weapons are impractical to use in tight corridors, this does not hold as true for the stab-heavy style of spears. However, a lack of a shield makes corridor-loving archers a substantial threat.

The Fork's horizontal slash's is substantially more useful compared to other weapons of its class because of its higher speed and shorter range. Thus, it can be a practical means of supplementing your stab-heavy style and giving you another option in close combat to get a quick finishing blow. Still, don't forget that the Fork's horizontal swing is dramatically weaker than its stab; this is a spear after all and thrusts should still be your primary means of attack.

Compared to the Thrusting Spear the Fork is substancially shorter and less damaging, and as a result it fares worse in fights against multiple foes. However, the increased speed of the Fork makes it more useful in smaller battles, as it gives your foe less time to react.

As of the most recent patch, this weapon currently shares the same damage stat as the Hatchet (Melee), though their different damage types affect their final damage output on the different classes.