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King Argon II
Vital statistics
Title Leader of the Agatha Knights
King of Agatha (claimant)
Gender Male
Race Agathian
Faction Agatha Knights
Health N/A
Level N/A
Status Alive
Location {{{location}}}

King Argon II is a member of House Argon and the leader of the Agatha Knights 20 years after the death of Feydrid Kearn. He claims the title of King of Agatha and is at war with the ruling Mason Order. he resides in Thayic castle. where he commands the army of the Agatha Knights. The Mason order plans to invade the keep.

Once the Masons believed the rebellion was at an end, King Malric sent an army up to the Thayic castle to kill Argon II and completely quell the rebellion once and for all. When the castles defenses were pushed all the way back and all seemed lost, rather than to wait in his throne room to make one last stand, Argon II instead chose to run out with his royal guard and rally his remaining forces before leading them in a counterattack against the invaders and reclaim his castle. His counterattack paid off as he successfully retook the bailey and forced the Masons to retreat, with his army running them back to their fleet.

With this great victory, the rebellion is saved and tales of this victory spread across the lands, causing more to join the cause. As of now, Argon II continues to lead the Agathian Knights in reclaiming their kingdom from Malric.