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Special Ability

Tank: Can absorb additional damage and takes less stamina to block incoming blows

"A knight uses power and strength over speed." - Sir Finnian Guld.

The Knight is the most durable class in the game. His damage output and armour levels allow him to trade hits with his opponents with great success. When wielding a two-handed weapon, he dishes out massive damage with each swing, but is vulnerable if he misses due to long recovery periods. He suffers against ranged classes who can punish him from afar, but can cut through a swarm of enemies quickly if he manages to land his devastating strikes. When wielding a shield, he becomes a nearly impenetrable wall, capable of blocking entire doorways and entire barrages of arrows with relative ease. His hand-and-a-half swords complement his arsenal of shields. He may equip heavy swords with one hand at ease, and wield a shield consistently. There is no reduced speed of the weapon when wielded in 1 hand. This is a unique perk for the knight, that may prove useful for those looking for protection. Know that the heater shield is unavailable for this perk due to the flail being a necessary part of it.

The Knight's special ability Tank causes him to have lower stamina consumption when blocking and higher resistance to swing damage. Thus, for those who like/are learning blocking or enjoy playing a defensive game, this is a great trait to complement your playstyle.



  • Swing resistance: 60%
  • Pierce resistance: 50%
  • Blunt resistance: 40%
  • Fist resistance: 40%
  • Generic resistance: 10%


  • Forth: 178
  • Sprint: 264
  • Strafe: 165
  • Back: 135


The Knight has many choices for his primary, and he doesn't share any of them. They range from Bastard Swords to Two-Handed Axes to Flails. His secondaries are all Man-at-Arms primaries, consisting of One-Handed Swords and Maces. He has many Shields to choose from, or he can trade them for the Throwing Axe.

Primary Type
Longsword Sharp
Sword of War Sharp
Messer Sharp
Double Axe Sharp
Pole Axe Sharp
Bearded Axe Sharp
Warhammer Blunt
Maul Blunt
Grand Mace Blunt
Flail Blunt
Heavy Flail Blunt
Secondary Type
Broadsword Sharp
Falchion Sharp
Norse Sword Sharp
Flanged Mace Blunt
Morning Star Blunt
Holy Water Sprinkler Blunt
Special Type
Kite Shield Shield
Tower Shield Shield
Throwing Axe Throwing
Heater Shield (Flail) Shield



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