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■■■■■□□□□□ 53%


■■■■■■□□□□ 59%


■■■■□□□□□□ 39%


30 arrows

Weapon Type


"The Longbow has the unique ability to shoot quickly or draw farther back for more damage, controlled by how long the player holds down his mouse button. It is fairly balanced in terms of speed and damage, a feared weapon that is best used from mid to long range."

Range: Long to Very Long

Power: Light to Moderate

Rate of Fire: Fast to Moderate

It is the starting primary bow for the Archer.

The Longbow is the signature weapon of the Archer, although one of the most difficult weapons for beginners. While not necessarily weak, it lacks the one-hit-kill potential of the Crossbow, has a sharper trajectory, is less true to the crosshair shot-for-shot, and doesn't travel as quickly.

In exchange, you gain quite a number of other traits: The capacity to Zoom, more ammo, faster shooting rate and an easier to follow ArrowCam. As a result, the Longbow becomes much more accurate at extreme ranges than other weapons, as you can delicately adjust your shots with the information gained from each preceeding shot. 

It should be noted that (as in the weapon's description) the Arrow's damage is relative to how drawn back the arrow is, the further the better. Thus, for max damage on foes, hold the Arrow ready for a bit prior to firing. However, if held for a substantially long time, it will automatically lower the arrow.

You can use the Right Mouse Button to zoom in on your crosshair once your arrow is readied, and press in the Scroll Wheel to activate ArrowCam once your arrow is fired.