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Weapon Type


The Longsword is a very effective weapon. It can be wielded in one or two hands and is first of the three “Bastard Swords” for the Knight class. It combines power, speed and reach to become one of the most well rounded weapons in the game. As a result, the weapon has no glaring weaknesses, though it is slightly slow to swing. However, its preformance is rarely argued and has became a staple for many a knight.

Like all swords, the longsword has a horizontal swing and overhead swing for "swing" damage, and a stab for pierce damage. All three attacks are recommended, as the weapon does significant damage with each attack. Stabs gain preferance against the heavy classes, to work around their natural defenses. The Overhead swing is quite mighty, and can slay lightly armored classes very easily.

Interestingly, this is currently the longest weapon in the game that can be held in one hand. It can be wielded with the biggest shield in the game (Tower Shield ), for those looking for a visually imposing knight. Press the 1 Key with a shield equipped to use it in the off hand.

As with other Bastard Swords, press 1 with a shield equipped to use the shield in the off hand. Or, if you would like to go in "berserker" mode and engage in combat without a shield, disable the shield on the secondary weapon and you will block manually. This will save your stamina and help you perform combos. This can give an advantage in some ways, but that's how Bastard Swords work, they swing faster in one hand.

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  • It is the first primary sword available to the Knight.
  • It is one of the few weapons that have their handles colored blue.