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Malric Terrowin
Vital statistics
Title King of the Mason Order
Gender Male
Faction Mason Order
Status Alive
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Malric Terrowin is the leader of the Mason Order and resides in the Trayan Citadel of Vantear. The lands to the north are held by the Agathian Knight's lead by the King Argon II, but Malric hopes soon he will rule and overthrow Agatha.

Malric hails from the lands of Aberfell, and after the death of Argon at the hand of the Tenosians during a battle in the dunes outside their Capital of Jaburdan, Malric seized upon the opportunity to grab power for himself. By this point he had already formed the Mason Order, which was intended to be an echelon to enslave the Agathians.

By late 1266, Malric's Mason Order had taken over most of Agatha with little resistance as the main Agathian army was in Tenosia. Under his wise and effective leadership, the new regime subdued and assimilated most of Agatha in the north, and built up a powerful army to repel the unsuspecting Agathian loyalists returning from the failed crusade in Tenosia.

Malric was as brash as King Argon but not nearly as daring. He was also an excellent tactician. It was due to his leadership and strategy that the Masons built up a large enough army to have a fighting chance, if not an advantage, against the returning Agathian loyalists.

House Terrowin's heraldry was used for the Mason Order. The official colors are Black and Red, their symbol is an eagle, and their words are "Power resides in those who seize it" or the Mason's motto "Red for the blood that runs in our vein, Black for the shadow that yet remains"

Malric became the victor of the first civil war after Feydrid the Steward of Agatha was slain at the battle of Stoneshill. Malric ruled with an ironfist for 20 years until the second civil war.

Malric has a son born out of wedlock with Argon's daughter Soree named Valen Tray. He is the named "Heir" of the Mason order and first in line to the throne. The Agathian's during the second civil war are tasked to kill him during the Siege of Rudhelm.

After the desecration of Galencourt, Malrics home village of Aberfell was raided and destroyed by the vengeful Agathians. As much as this angered him for the loss of his home village, Malric merely saw the Agathians victory as purely symbolic. To him, this was the last desperate attack of a fallen enemy and the rebellion crushed. Now, with the rebellion retreating to their stronghold in the north, he began his plans to set his sights on Tenosia. But he didn't have to wait long for a fight with them, as Aberfell was being attacked, word reached him the Tenosians have destroyed the Bulwark and their Imperial Army now on the march.

After Askandir was set ablaze, Malric decided to send an army up to Thayic castle with the orders to take the stronghold, slaughter the garrison, and bring him the head of Argon II. However, instead being brought the news of a Mason victory with the Orders colors decorating the castle and Argon IIs head on a silver platter, he was informed the attack had failed and his army was slaughtered by a fierce counter attack by Argon II himself. Angered as towns and villages caught wind of the news and celebrated the victory while putting up the blue and gold in place of the red and black, Malric realized he was wrong, and that this civil war was far from over. Now knowing he has to deal with enemies at home and abroad.