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Malric Terrowin
Vital statistics
Title Leader of the Mason Order
King of Agatha
General (formerly)
Gender Male
Race Agathan
Faction Mason Order
Health N/A
Level N/A
Status Alive
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Malric Terrowin the leader of the Mason Order holds the south portion of Agatha and resides in the Citadel. He hopes soon he can take the north and the throne.

Malric comes from a long line of nobility, and was once the mightiest General in the Agathian Army. However, after King Argon embarked on a Crusade to 'liberate' the land of Tenosia, Malric began to doubt the capability of his King. After the death of Argon at the hand of the Tenosians while in the capital of Jaburdan, Malric seized upon the opportunity to grab power for himself. By this point he had already formed the Mason Order, which was intended to be an elite echelon to serve the Agathians. With the assistance of his borderline cult following he was able to use the fear of a Tenosian counter-invasion and the growing unpopularity of King Argon (and, by extent, the Argon family) to gain sympathy and support from the local peasantry.

By late 1266, Malric's Mason Order had taken over most of Agatha with little resistance as the main Agathian army was in Tenosia. Under his wise and effective leadership, the new regime subdued and assimilated most of the barbarian tribes in the north, and built up a powerful army to repel the unsuspecting Agathian loyalists returning from the failed crusade in Tenosia.

Malric was as brash as King Argon but not nearly as daring. He was also an excellent tactician. It was due to his leadership and strategy that the Masons built up a large enough army to have a fighting chance, if not an advantage, against the returning Agathian loyalists.

House Terrowin's heraldry was used for the Mason Order. The official colors are Black and Red, their symbol is an eagle, and their words are "Power resides in those who seize it".