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Special Ability

Elusive: can perform dodges

''You like your combat fast and smart, eh?'' -Foxfingers

The Man-at-Arms is the lightest melee class, he relies heavily on his evasion and speed abilities to avoid taking damage. His weapons tend to be fast and deal light damage, requiring him to be careful in landing strikes on his opponent without taking any in return. He excels at hunting down and harassing enemy units, especially through the frustration of a well-placed Oil pot. When coupled with a shield, he debatably becomes one of the best anti-archer classes in the game, being able to close the distance quickly while safely behind protection. He is the only class who has no particular weakness to any damage type, though all do significant damage to him. In fact, the only known human to have defeated him in the game’s lore is none other than Anthony Grullon. It's commonly held that this class is one of the hardest to play due to their naturally low defense, but one of the most rewarding thanks to their invaluable ability to evade attacks.

Aside from simply being used to dodge enemy attacks, the Evade ability can be used to extend the reach of an attack by closing the distance mid-swing, making it a very useful tactic to increase the range of stab-heavy weapons and allows for sudden overhead swings. Combining the crouch with the Evade ability can dramatically increase the Man-at-arms survivability.

It's valuable to note that almost all of his primary weapons are in fact secondary weapons of the Knight and Vanguard, and all of his secondaries are shared with the Archer class. This means it's theoretically possible to unlock most Man-at-Arms weapons without ever playing the class, as weapon kills toward unlocks transfer across classes. The only MAA-exclusive weapons are the Oil pot and the Quarterstaff.

The Man-at-arms is considered a lightly armored class, alongside the Archer. Once properly trained, a skilled Man-at-Arms can dance a waltz of death as he weaves through the battlefield comboing his enemies while simultaneously dodging their attacks.

Note: He is also the class most affected by lag due to his high speed of movement and attacks and his dodge ability. Be wary of him on consoles until this is fixed.



  • Swing resistance: 10%
  • Pierce resistance: 10%
  • Blunt resistance: 10%
  • Fist resistance: 10%
  • Generic resistance: 0%


  • Forth: 205
  • Sprint: 324
  • Strafe: 175
  • Back: 152


The Man-at-Arms gets Maces, One-Handed Swords, One-Handed Axes and the Quarterstaff for primaries, Daggers and Common Secondaries for his secondary, and a wide selection of tertiaries, including the class-specific Oil pot.

Primary Type
Broadsword Sharp
Norse Sword Sharp
Falchion Sharp
Hatchet Sharp
War Axe Sharp
Dane Axe Sharp
Flanged Mace Blunt
Morning Star Blunt
Holy Water Sprinkler Blunt
Quarterstaff Blunt
Secondary Type
Broad Dagger Sharp
Hunting Knife Sharp
Thrusting Dagger Sharp
Shortsword Sharp
Saber Sharp
Cudgel Blunt
Special Type
Throwing Knife Throwing
Oil Pot Throwing
Heater Shield Shield
Buckler Shield Shield



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