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The Mason Order is a faction led by Malric Terrowin. The Masons seek to annihilate Agatha and build a tyrranical kingdom after the death of King Alfonso Argon, Malric used the Order to take control of Agatha, due to Argon's unpopularity. They believe that the ends can justify any means and things, often people, must occasionally be sacrificed for the greater good. The Mason Order brings oppression, repression, ruthlessness, despotism, destruction, tyranny, brutality, injustice, greed, and power to unleash death as they do not hesitate to vanquish any who oppose them.


Malric Terrowin formed the Mason Order. It was an order against the Agathian kingdom. Consisting of barbarains and well trained agathian knights as he was a Agathian general during the crusades. King Alfonso Argon fought the tenosian empire, in the crusade. The conquest went terribly, as the Agathians had trouble adapting to the desert while tenosians were well acclimated moved swiftly and decimated the Agathian force.

Sometime during the war, King Argon was killed in battle. This failure led argons popularity to the dumps and malric took this opportunity to seize control of agatha. He quickly took over Agatha, Fighting off the remaining forces and the Agathian soldiers were close to defeat. The Masons had taken over Agatha with no resistance, as the bulk of the Agathian fighting force was being routed.

But agatha soon returned. The true heir to the Agathian throne, Argon II, had come to honor his father Argon. He captured back some major agathian forts and the civil war had begun in agatha. Now the Masons under malric must defeat the remaining agathian force. At the same time the tenosians are looking for revenge for the crusades. They begun invading the agathian kingdom and raiding both the Masons and agathains. Despite the many victories by the masons the civil war is far from over and the tenosians have no intent on stopping their invasion.