Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Wiki

There are a number of non-player characters in the world of Chivalry.

Lore Characters[]

Alfonso Argon[]

The former King of Agatha, died in Tenosia.

Danum Argon[]

King Argon's nephew, rightful heir to the throne.

Feydrid Kearn[]

The military leader of the Agathian Knights. You can play as Feydrid the Steward King in the Stoneshill map and the Coldfront map if you have the highest score in the Agatha Knights team.

Malric Terrowin[]

Former general of King Argon's army, now leader of the Mason Order. You may play as Lord Malric in the Citadel map if you have the highest score in the Mason Order team.



Basic Combat Training
  • Captain Neckhole
Advanced Combat Training
  • Maester Lewin
Class Training
  • Sir Kenneth Drum
  • Pete Crest (archer)
  • Foxfingers (maa)
  • Sir Bael Stronghelm (vanguard)
  • Sir Finnian Guld (knight)
Siege Weapon Training
  • Tawney Holt (torch)
  • Garth Fleetfoot (petard)
  • Edmund Grayweather (ram)
  • Corm Argwast (ballista/catapult)


Some Masons will either try to persuade or to kill you.

  • Eric Bentleaf
  • Baern Loff
  • Shifty Snallknees
  • Sir Holtzgrundle
  • Splitter
  • Farlief Beargrinder

Unnamed NPCs[]

  • Filthy Peasants in the Cove and Stoneshill maps (TO only).
  • An Agathan in Dark Forest
  • Mason Chieftans on the Outpost map.
  • Spectators on the Arena Maps
  • NPCs on the Illria map.