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Pavise Shield
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The Pavise Shield is a special tertiary item available only with the Crossbows, the Pavise Shield can be planted to allow for mobile cover and gives the crossbowman a chance to hide behind it while reloading his weapon.[1]

It also serves as a passive protection whilst being carried on the player's back, turning your back to the enemy and crouching will protect from incoming ranged attacks. The Pavise Shield main purpose is to be used as deployable cover, or used to barricade doorways. It's most useful in Archer vs Archer combat, particularly when on opposing ends of a hallway. Pressing 3 will deploy The Pavise Shield on the ground, it will last untill destroyed or picked up by pressing E.

A deployed Pavise Shield has 300 health. Picking up and re-deploying the Pavise Shield will refresh its health back to 300.

Some Crossbowmen prefer Extra Ammo to the Pavise, as the crossbow serves best along with the element of surprise and the large, colorful shield attracts unwanted attention. Also, if you are skilled enough not to die before you can fire all your ammo, more ammo means more damage before you have to replenish.


  • Damage to destroy: 300[1]

Historical Information[]

see: Wikipedia article "Pavise"