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Weapon select qstaff

■■□□□□□□□□ 24%


■■■■■■■■□□ 77%


■■■■■■□□□□ 63%

Weapon Type


"A most unassuming weapon, the Quarterstaff is a thick piece of wood that in the right hands is capable of overwhelming any opponent with its speed and blunt damage."

The Quarterstaff is a two-handed blunt weapon available for the Man-at-Arms. It is extremely quick for a two handed weapon (the fastest), at the cost of damage and some range. It can be loosely compared to the Cudgel, as both are super-quick, low-damage blunt weapons. It is one of the two pure blunt primary weapons available to the Man-at-Arms.

Unlike other 2 handed weapons, the Quarterstaff's horizontal swing is only half the weapon's length. This results in a significantly faster swing, but limits the weapon's range. However, this is not the case for the Quarterstaff's stab and overhead; making both excellent moves to finish off foes and employing unexpected strikes. 

While using the Quarterstaff it is interesting to note that the horizontal attacks are marginally quicker than the stabs therefore, range allowing, are used as interrupts rather than the stab or overhead.

Fighting with a Quarterstaff requires utilisation of combos and clever footwork. Again, the player must choose carefully what attack type they use because of the differing ranges of attacks. When all 3 are used in simultaneously with dodges and ducks, the Man-at-Arms, while using the Quarterstaff becomes a formidable foe and capable of impressive crowd control combat.

While a shield cannot be used in conjunction with the Quarterstaff, it becomes useful alongside a secondary to block projectiles from all classes, especially Archers

It was implemented with the January 2013 patch.


The Quarterstaff is the very first two-handed weapon available for the Man-at-Arms. It also brought 3 entirely new animations to the game, in its horizontal combo, overhead, and stab. It is also the fastest 2 handed weapon in the game, followed by the Bearded Axe (this was the fastest before the Quarterstaff was implemented).