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■■■□□□□□□□ 28%


■■■■■■□□□□ 63%


■■■□□□□□□□ 33%



Weapon Type


"The Shortbow is light, fast and lethal. The Shortbow doesn’t shoot very far or deal all that much damage, but it allows the wielder to stay agile and fire off many shots quickly.[1]"

Due to the low damage of the shortbow, you are unable to kill anyone in one hit with it, regardless of where you hit them. However, the weapon's fast firerate was designed to offset this.

Like all bows, the further the arrow is drawn back, the higher the damage output will be. However, the shortbow was not designed for this per-se, so it's only partially recommended.

It's generally recommended to aim for your enemies' upper core as you're reliant for heart-shots and headshots for kills to compensate for weapon's low damage. That being said, it's easier to land both types of shots with this bow thanks to the higher fire rate.

Arguably, this is the most user-friendly bow since the high rate of fire gives the most opportunities to feel out the arrow's arch.

You can use the Right Mouse Button to zoom in on your crosshair once your arrow is readied, and press the Scroll Wheel to activate ArrowCam once your arrow is fired.

For those of whom play Chivalry through Steam, there is a Steam achievement tied exclusively to the Short Bow called "Let it Rain". It requires you to shoot 10,000 arrows with the Short Bow.


Basic Damage
Attack Damage Type
Bodkin Arrow 55 pierce
Broadhead Arrow 55 swing
Fire Arrow 45 generic
Advanced Damage
Attack Head Torso Arms Legs
Bodkin Arrow 74 50 50 30
Broadhead Arrow 83 55 55 33
Fire Arrow 45 45 45 45
Man at Arms
Attack Head Torso Arms Legs
Bodkin Arrow 70 47 47 28
Broadhead Arrow 70 47 47 28
Fire Arrow 45 45 45 45
Attack Head Torso Arms Legs
Bodkin Arrow 66 44 44 26
Broadhead Arrow 50 33 33 20
Fire Arrow 45 45 45 45
Attack Head Torso Arms Legs
Bodkin Arrow 41 28 28 17
Broadhead Arrow 33 22 22 13
Fire Arrow 45 45 45 45