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Smoke pot


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The Smoke Pot (noun/verb) can be thrown to the ground to create a small smoke screen for a short amount of time that can be used to hide from projectile weapons or to obstruct the players vision for certain areas.[1] It may also be used to dazzle and confuse enemies.

This weapon can be used to gain tactical ground in a long hallway with Archers on the other end.

Smoke pot throwing is also useful to confuse the situation in a melee, possibly breaking up an attack.[1] When combined with a high-reach/damage swing weapon, aimlessly swinging into the smoke can occasionally result in kills. This becomes more practical if you can combo effectively to make the most of the opportunity. Be warned; you may run out of stamina afterwards.

A fun way to use the smokepot is to throw it into doorways and other constricted pathways. You can stay on the outer edge of the smoke, stabbing and slashing any enemy who dares to venture into the smoke. Similarily, throwing it into a group of enemies in the middle of a battle can confuse people and allow you to gain some cheap slashing attacks on them before they locate you through the smoke.

Also if you find yourself holding a smokepot with the enemy fast approaching, hit the assailing foe with the pot during their windup! It will very likely force a flinch and take a small amount of their health down; consequently, saving your life and buying you time to pull out your weapon.

If you are unable to use throwing axes/knives, this is a safe alternative that actually has some tactical purpose.

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