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Stoneshill is an objective mode map. It is based on the Age of Chivalry map of the same name.

The Mason Order has managed to sneak into the Stoneshill valley undiscovered aiming to end the still short rule of the Agathian steward residing here in his opulent Royal Palace. War comes to Stoneshill and it seems the quiet people of the sleepy village here are wholly blitzed. If the tenants of the Agathian Knighthood hold true, the Agathian forces stationed here will need to take up arms and face their fate, not only to ensure the safety of their named king’s subjects, but to ensure their continued claim to their peasants.

File name: AOCTO-Stoneshill_P



Slaughter the peasants and burn the village.
Breach the gate with your battering ram.
Kill the king.


Protect the village and the peasants.
Defend the gate.
Protect the king.

Stoneshill Village[]

Stoneshill Village is a derived map for the game modes Team Deathmatch, Last Team Standing and Free for All.

File name (tdm): AOCTD-StoneshillVillage_P
File name (lts): AOCLTS-StoneshillVillage_P
File name (ffa): AOCFFA-StoneshillVillage_P