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Sword of War

■■■■■□□□□□ 50%


■■■■■■□□□□ 57%


■■■■□□□□□□ 42%

Weapon Type


"The Sword of War is a long sword that offers a bit more speed for reduced damage."[1]

It is the second unlockable primary Bastard Sword for the Knight.

Out of all the Bastard swords, the Sword of War (SoW) feels closest to a standard 1handed sword and thus is frequently recommended to be used alongside a shield. It maintains its comparatively high damage and impressive reach, giving it strong all-round versitility and natural ease of use.

As a 2 handed weapon, it becomes an odd in-between of 1 handed speed and 2 handed damage, making it have an different feel than other 2 handed weapons. This "awkwardness" transfers onto the battlefield as opponents would have difficulty gauging what your weapon is truly capable of, but also results in a harder to use weapon. As such, the SoW presents a learning curve away from the generally polarized gap between 1 handed weapons and 2 handed weapons.

Overhead swings and stabs are recommended for general play as to get around the SoW's swing-damage penalty against Knights and Vanguards. While the SoW's horizontal swing is formidable against Archers and wounded opponents, the overhead and Stab are the only ways to do substancial damage on heavy-armor classes.

As with other Bastard Swords, press 1 with a shield equipped to use the shield in the off hand. Or, if you would like to go in "berserker" mode, disable the shield on the secondary weapon and you will block manually. This will save your stamina and help you perform combos, though it will demand more skill out of its user.

For people who want to go to "berserker" mode on this weapon, if you do not understand the instructions above, press 2, 3, 1, 1, if you want to switch to shield mode just do the same combination again. With a recent patch you now only have to press 1 to use a sword in one hand, even if you don't have shield this still works.

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  • It is the second Primary Long Sword available for the Knight.
  • Its shape is vaguely reminicent of the Master Sword from Nintendo's Zelda franchise, albiet with different colors and details.
  • It is presented in the tutorial of the game. When you train with your 'SWORD OF WAR!'