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Tenosia is a strange desert land to the south not far from Agatha with a hot desert climate, lots of sand, and palm trees. After uniting the continent of Agatha, King Alfonso Argon attempted to conquer Tenosia in a failed crusade that he would not live to see the end of. The Tenosian soldiers were acclimated to the harsh weather and environment, and their lighter armour allowed them to manoeuvre more easily and cut down the ill-prepared Agathians, whose heavy armour bogged them down while many burned to a crisp in the hot sunlight, with ease.  

Much of the capital of Tenosia was turned to ruin thanks to Agatha’s failed conquests, but General Malric Terrowin of the Mason Order feared of a Tenosian counter-invasion after the failed Crusade and killing of King Argon by war hero Tahar Rahman. He sought out to gather support from the Agathian population which led to him taking over Agatha.

Indirectly, the ensuing war between the Mason Order and the Agathian Knights has its roots grounded in the hot desert sands of Tenosia.

The Tenosian Empire is now a sophisticated and academic culture which had enjoyed a long peace prior to the invasion of the first Crusades. That all changed when war was brought to their shores by the barbarians to the north, and they have spent decades plotting their retaliation. Built mostly on harsh, arid lands, their people have adapted with wondrous engineering, city planning and star gazing that leave their lands prosperous and rich. However they are also vengeful after being invaded by Agatha during King Argon's reign and are not above raiding and pillaging the Agathian countryside, as seen during the battle of Bridgetown.

The Tenosian Empire is represented by yellow and green, and their faction animal representation is the King Cobra.