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Thrusting Dagger

■■□□□□□□□□ 24%


■■■■■■■■■□ 92%


■□□□□□□□□□ 9%

Weapon Type


 " The Thrusting Dagger is a sharp pointed dagger that is designed for thrusting. Due to its pointy tip it has the ability to penetrate almost any armour."[1][1]

With a shield, the Thrusting Dagger features two swing-damage Horizontal/Overhead strikes, and a piercing stab. The stab is easily the most important of the weapon's attacks, since it overcomes the harsh swing resistance of Knights and Vanguards to the Thrusting Dagger's already low damage. However, this means that the weapon's overhead and horizontal swings are effectively useless in regular combat against those two classes. The Thrusting Dagger, like other Daggers, has different overhead swings whether you have a shield or not. They get significantly better without a shield, (particularly with the Thrusting Dagger) as the attacks become piercing reversed grip stabs. The stabs are the staple attacks of this weapon. The slash is only to be used to surprise a resilient enemy or circumvent a block as slashes using this weapon are very weak.

For those who prefer high speed weapons, the Thrusting Dagger is the deadliest dagger. Since it attacks quicker than any other Archer/Man-at-Arms secondary, you will often interrupt an opponents attack animation and leave them defenseless until the killing blow. The Man-at-Arms can use his speed and evasion to position himself for a proper stab. However, the Archer's mediocre speed/low defense and the weapon's extremely short reach make it essential to know how to parry effectively and consecutively. 

This weapon excels at killing Vanguards wielding their primary weapon, as their bodies are always exposed to at least one of the three stabs. 

Although daggers are known for their stabs and this weapon's attribute give it an edge on its competitors, the Broad Dagger has higher base damage all around and (more importantly) has longer reach---decreasing the distance that is needed to be closed prior to your flurry, and a safer choice in combat.

This weapon uses a black and white color range. It's unknown whether this was intentional or an unfinished model.

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