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Special Ability

Charge: allows any weapon (even Secondaries and Fists) to do extreme damage for one strike after roughly 3 seconds of sprinting

''Descending upon them with both great force and skill.'' -Sir Bael Stronghelm.

The Vanguard is well rounded and offers a balance of power and speed. His weapons are primarily two handed, and this offers him the benefit of melee range over most opponents. Great for beginners, he is an outside fighter that can hold his own against any other class in melee combat. The Vanguard is however, heavily reliant upon cover, and effective use of his smoke pots when approaching and dealing with ranged attackers, and is a common target for enemy archers due to the lack of a shield, medium speed and low damage reduction towards pierce attacks.

The Vanguard's Charge is his unique trait. It allows any weapon (even Secondaries and Fists) to do extreme damage for one strike after roughly 3 seconds of sprinting. It's readied when your weapon gets raised to a different position than normal. Two-handed Swords have a powerful horizontal strike capable of beheading multiple foes at once, and all the other weapons gain a powerful stab attack that can do dramatic or insta-kill damage. Be careful of the Charge's long windup, as it's easy to rush into an enemy's stab mid-animation. Thus, it's often recommended to attack too early rather than too late. If you ever have your weapon readied for a sprint attack but don't want to use it, it's possible to subsitute the attack with a standard thrust or overhead swing that can catch foes off guard.

The Vanguard is considered a heavy-armor class, along with the Knight. Vanguards are particularly vulnerable to pierce-based damage.



  • Swing resistance: 50%
  • Pierce resistance: 30%
  • Blunt resistance: 40%
  • Fist resistance: 40%
  • Generic resistance: 5%


  • Forth: 185
  • Sprint: 290
  • Strafe: 155
  • Back: 130


The Vanguard has Two-Handed Swords, Polearms and the Pole Hammer for his primaries, all unique to his class. He has One-Handed Axes or Common Secondaries available for his secondary. He does not have any shields, but he can choose the class-specific Smoke pot for his tertiary.

Primary Type
Greatsword Sharp
Claymore Sharp
Zweihänder Sharp
Thrusting Spear Sharp
Fork Sharp
Brandistock Sharp
Bardiche Sharp
Billhook Sharp
Halberd Sharp
Pole Hammer Blunt
Secondary Type
Shortsword Sharp
Saber Sharp
Cudgel Blunt
War Axe Sharp
Hatchet Sharp
Dane Axe Sharp
Special Type
Smoke pot Throwing
Throwing Knife Throwing
Throwing Axe Throwing