Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Wiki

The War Axe is a one-handed that is the Man-at-Arms's most powerful single strike weapon option. It trades some attack speed and reach as a result.

The weapon features a unique spike at the weapon's top, giving it a stab attack with weak pierce damage. However, it does not compare to a slash and is designed for finishing weak foes.

Vanguards have it available as a starting secondary weapon. However, Vanguards cannot equip shields.

It is the among the shortest weapons in the game, but its high damage and speed offsets this. The Man-at-Arms run/walk speed help compensate this further, allowing the user to close the distance very quickly. Like other axes, it does swing/blunt damage in its horizontal and overhead attacks, making its swings more effective on knights and vanguards than a sword.

As with the Hatchet (melee), it is highly recommend to take advantage of the weapon's quick overhead swing. This is amplified by the weapon's high damage, making it a sudden spike of damage which is hard to anticipate.

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